7 Tarot Tips for Learning Tarot Card Meanings

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This is a video showing 7 different learning methods to help you understand the Tarot better. Learning the meanings can be tricky at best since each card is intricate.

If you have a great technique on learning how to read let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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The way i learned the tarot was with practice and reading, i mainly go with my instincts.
There are 72 cards and a lot to learn off by heart.
With my tarot cards i got a book.
They told you the basic meanings of the cards.
With practice and a lot of years later it is is not what they mean individually it is where they are situated when they are dealt that give you the true readings that people look for.
I use Swiss tarot which i got 21 years ago.
It is a bit daunting when you see so many cards and read there true meanings.
I started first by using the major arcana cards which are the major cards.
I practiced on friends by referring to the book.
it takes a long time and a lot of practice.
So start with the major cards and then go from there.
I think every one has a psychic ability it is learning how to use it.
I use the cards as my tool to tune in.
I can look at a deck that has been dealt and know instantly what is happening for some one.
When you look at the different cards basically they are like diamonds hearts clubs and spades. If you start by seeing them as basic as that i found it a lot easier not to be put off.


    thank you for these tips Helen 🙂

third eye

I would really love to learn how to read the tarot. Whenever I have gone anywhere to try I get told to throw the books away and go with what spirit gives me.

I do try this and have had some success. But I feel that my readings are always very short. I feel myself that it would help greatly to learn the meanings of the tarot and be able to combine that with what spirit give me.

I do have books but do not know where to start!!!

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