Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

ace of cups tarot meaning

Ace of Cups

Time frame is summer

Zodiac Signs associated with this card is
Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces


new love relationship beginning, new better start to an old relationship, An heart felt desire will be realized, Happiness, Can be a brand new relationship, amazing new love, possible upcoming marriage, May indicate a pregnancy.


a relationship is going downhill, upsetting situation, things taking a turn for the worse, emotional time, love is not coming, Unhappiness, tears.

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The first card in the suit of water, often associated with love, emotion, sometimes femininity. Held by a divine hand emerging from a cloud, a chalice overflows its abundance into peaceful waters filled with lily pads and flowers. A dove lowers what might be a coin or the wafer of communion into presumably the wine in the cup. Blessings spill from it — the droplets might be spring rain or tears of happiness. The image encompasses fertility, peace, new beginnings; the reverse, I suppose, would be spillage, waste, drowning.

Brianna Stoker

This card represents emotion, subtle thought, art and artistic pursuits. It means fun, enjoyment, pleasure. It might mean a new romance. A new artistic project – a new film, a new piece of music, recording, a new novel, a new painting. Might be a new atmosphere, a new feeling, a new emotion. It could be a proposal of marriage, the offer of a date, an evening out. An invitation to a party. A holiday, an outing, a night out. It could represent a place or building to do with pleasure, fun, entertainment, the arts. A film theater, a film studio, a theater, a concert hall, a recording studio, an art gallery, a night club, a dance hall, a bar, a restaurant.

The reversed ace indicates a slow start to something. Aces-reversed has the sense of a false start, difficulty starting something. They also have a sense of failure, or incompletion. They may represent the negative essence of something. Aces-reversed can represent small physical items to do with their suit. They may also represent something old, perhaps worn out. A difficult start for a new artistic project, a new film, a new novel, a new relationship. No inspiration. No artistic ideas. Unable to find love, romance. A bad film, a bad book, any entertainment that fails to please – no fun. A disappointing night out. It may represent a small item to do with arts, entertainment, romance. A CD, DVD, a painting, a video cassette, a novel, a book of poetry, a rose, an engagement ring.

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