Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

 ace of pentacles tarot card meaning

Ace of Pentacles

Pentacles represents Winter

Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo are the astrological signs
assigned to the Pentacles.

Ace – East
Pentacles element is Earth


Security, Focusing on Concrete Results, Experiencing Growth, Situation is Stable, Feeling Safe and Protected, Financial Change for the Better, Substantial Profit, gift, Success, Beginning of Prosperity, Using Common Sense, Contentment with what you have reached, It is a Time to be Centered, Physical Well Being, Efforts Rewarded, Improving the Body/Health, Appreciation of the Good Things, New Start in Money Matters, Beginning of Happiness or Pleasure, Good Beginnings for Business, Perfect Contentment, Material Comfort, New Ventures in Financial Matters, Material Gain.


Evil Side of Wealth, Obsession with Wealth, Corruption, Prosperity without Happiness, Greed, Miser, Materialism, Carelessness, Hard Times Financially, A Warning Not to Start New Financial Ventures, Delayed Payments, Unhappiness, Money may not be everything, Lack of Imagination, Dependence upon Physical stuff for happiness.

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Over a well-tended, flowering and abundant garden, a hand cups a great gold disc or coin. This is the card of reward and riches, the material pleasures of the earth. But it could also suggest avarice, hoarding, failure to enjoy one’s money and the pleasures of generosity.

Brianna Stoker

This card represents money, business, planning, strategy, action, attitudes, opinions. Everyday life, the world. It could mean a new business venture, a new job, a new plan, a new strategy, a new course of action, a new attitude, a new opinion. The card may represent winning against a business rival, a successful plan, strategy. A winning strategy. Success in a new job, business venture. It could represent a building or institution to do with business, finance, money, planning. Could be a bank, an insurance company, a stock brokerage, the stock exchange. Could be an office block – the headquarters or regional office of a major corporation. Ford, GM, Microsoft, Exxon….. Might represent a retail branch of a big chain – Safeway, Walmart, McDonalds.

The reversed ace indicates a slow start to something. Aces-reversed have the sense of a false start, difficulty starting something. They also have a sense of failure, or incompletion. They may represent the negative essence of something. Aces-reversed can represent small physical items to do with their suit. They may also represent something old, perhaps worn out. A difficult start for a new business, a problematic start to a new job. Could mean losing, failing. Failure to get a job. Doing badly at an interview. Losing a sum of money. Losing out to competition from a business rival, a rival for promotion at work. Might represent a banknote, a cheque book, a bank statement, a business report, an annual report, a book of accounts, a Resume, a statement of account, a balance sheet.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Root of the Powers of Earth
Element: Earth
Zodiac Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini
Thumbnail Meaning: The material world, including material gain and loss, the body, the visible external world, nature; sensation.

As the root of the material world, the Ace of Pentacles represents the form of the visible universe. In the tarot, aces represent the “Root of the Powers” of whatever classical element they embody.

This card can refer to the world as it is, or the world as we think it is––two very different things. The sensation function, which “tells us a thing is,” is also associated with this suit. As the root of earth, this Ace can also refer to nature, the non-human world, and the planet.

It’s very hard to talk about this card––supposedly the most “earthy” in the deck––without veering into generalizations. So here are some things the card can refer to:

Objectivity; seeing a situation objectively
The struggle to survive
Turning an idea into something tangible; getting a project “off the ground”
A major change in career, finances, status, etc. Positive or negative, depending on the spread.

The suit of Pentacles was originally the suit of Coins, so it’s strongly associated with money. This card, like all the aces, may show prosperity and wealth at its best: perhaps as something earned or something won.

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