Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

ace of wands tarot card meaning

Ace of Wands

Usually predict energy, growth, enterprise, animation, and glory

Season: Spring

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the astrological signs assigned to the suit
of Wands and the element of fire.


Energy for Growth, Beginnings, An exciting new project or career, Creativity, Projects of any type, It alerts you to try something new, New ways of looking at things, A new way of life is at hand, Ambition, Initiative, Birth of a child, Beginning of activity, New Business, Inspiration, Courage, Progress, An inheritance, Enthusiasm, Energy, Profitable.


Clouded joy, Can’t seem to get moving, A journey may be put off, False start, Stagnation, Setbacks for a new enterprise, Selfishness may spoil the venture, Sterility, A lack of determination, Cancellation of plans, Delay in business, Impotence.

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The first card in the suit associated with fire shows no flame; instead, a giant, glowing hand emerging from a cloud holds forth a severed branch that miraculously has sprung leaves. Some of the leaves are falling from the branch. In the distance a castle sits on a hill over a green landscape. This is a card of initial power, the surge of energy from beginning a project. It suggests strong spiritual force, creative, inventive. But it’s easy to imagine the wand burning and the leaves dying from power unchecked, an excess of force. The thumbs-up on the wand could become a thumbs-down if reversed.

Brianna Stoker

It represents Health, vigor, vitality, fertility, growth, Prosperity, expansion. It means new growth, new expansion. Planting new seeds. Laying the foundation for something. Starting to construct something. New prosperity, or laying a foundation for new prosperity. Starting to build a home, family. Starting a new small business. Starting a fitness training programme. It represents winning. Success. Winning at a sports event. It can also represent a place or building to do with Health, Fertility, Productivity, Abundance. Might be a hospital, sports stadium, a house, a cottage, an apartment, a market stall, a small workshop, a farmhouse, Somewhere to do with crafts, eg pottery, weaving. A small shop. A grocers, greengrocers, hardware store. The Ace of Wands could represent a new job, or contract, but generally of the basic kind. Not a managerial, strategic, career type of job, which would be represented by Pentacles. However, in a coinish environment, it may well indicate any kind of job. It could be a pregnancy, a new baby.

Aces-reversed have the sense of a false start, difficulty starting something. They also have a sense of failure, or incompletion. They may represent the negative essence of something. Aces-reversed can represent small physical items to do with their suit. They may also represent something old, perhaps worn out. The Ace of Wands-Reversed indicates the onset of low energy. Tiredness, listlessness. Starting to run out of steam. Unable to expand, grow, or develop. Efforts are wasted – seeds fall on stony ground. It could mean losing at a sporting competition. It could mean unable to find a job. The start of a period of unemployment. It could be a miscarriage, an abortion, a problematic pregnancy. The Ace of Wands-Reversed may also represent a small item to do with Wands – a basketball, an apple, an orange, any fruit, a plant, a hockey stick, a trowel, a hammer, a screwdriver, any small tool, a stethoscope, a hypodermic, a bottle of medicine. A pitchfork, a shovel, a spade, any farming or gardening implement, any small item to do with home and hearth, cooking, cleaning – a pan, a hoover, cutlery, pots and pans in general, cleaning fluid, washing powder, any kind of poison – arsenic, cyanide.

Tarot Goddess

Title: The Root of the Powers of Fire
Element: Fire
Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Leo, Virgo
Thumbnail Meaning: Power, clarity, passion, force.

The Ace of Wands is a card of passion at its zenith. It represents great power, energy and force. This could hardly be a more auspicious card when drawn to represent a new business venture, creative project or relationship.

In the image at right, a hand appears from the clouds––as it does, in the Rider-Waite tarot, for all four aces.

This suggests that the aces, as “Root(s) of the Powers,” have a primal and mystical source, which can only be tapped into by extra-normal means.

Too, these powers are not earned, they are given––or come from the same mysterious place as inspirations and ideas.

This card is the masculine complement to the feminine Ace of Cups. If both cards are drawn, it is a very good omen. While the Ace of Cups represents “the purest aspect of emotional energy,” the Ace of Wands represents the purest aspect of power. If united, these two make an unstoppable force.

As the Root of the Powers of Fire, this card has tremendous creative and destructive energy. When reversed, or surrounded by inauspicious cards, it can represent chaos and destruction. Too much energy, without focus, ruins a project. Such a powerful force is not good in and of itself; take care to direct it wisely.

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