Aleister Crowley – The Man, His Life and why he is controversial

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As I got further into Tarot i wanted to learn more about the tarot decks available and some of the people behind them. Thats when I found this video on Aleister Crowley.

The Wickedest Man In The World

This Lady would like to dispel 10 Myths about him. Do you agree with her?

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He is one of the most controversial subjects, as a subject of history he was and still is misunderstood, and people make, judgments and statements about Crowley, without even reading his work. They condemn him based upon myth. He did loved sex, with men and women, and drugs. Based upon his personal history. He was no saint. But who among us, are saint? Who could have our lives put under a microscope without our own faults and failings becoming public knowledge. So this is the question, what do you see as Crowley’s contribution, to the witchcraft and pagan community. And what you see as being myth surrounding Crowley?


It is true that he is quite the mixed bag of fruit. He was a very dark figure though, admittedly practicing dark magick, which is ultimately why he was thrown out of the Golden Dawn. But, that being said, I feel that his greatest impact was in tarot and how we perceive divination. It is at this point that we begin to understand it as an art form and not just the interference of “devilish” brings. lol He is also the first to have combined all of the perceptions of tarot into one deck. While the Thoth tarot is not for everyone, the symbolism and energy are unmistakable. Heck, the fact that he commissioned a blind artist to create the art in and of itself is symbolic of the fool’s journey.

Besides, an evil genius is far more interesting than a humble and mundane one and for this all the ages will always be drawn to and fascinated by him.

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