Any advice for A tarot Newbie?

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Do you have any good advice for a person just starting out in the study of the tarot?

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Check out these books:

Rachel Pollack “78 Degrees of Wisdom” is very good!

Eden Gray “A Complete Guide To The Tarot”

D.Baloti Lawrence “TAROT 22 Steps To A Higher Path”

What I did to get to know the meanings of the cards- I took each card and looked at it and wrote down what I saw in the card and what it meant to me. Then I read up on the cards and wrote down meanings that were close to my original meanings. I used Keywords for meanings example- Fool- innocence, freedom, potential,beginning of a journey.

Get to know the upright meanings first before diving into reversed meanings.

Get a notebook or something and write things down. I’ve got this cool way of using index cards in a small photo album and I put the index cards in the album in order to have my “quick” reference book.

Do Daily one card readings on yourself. Ask the Universe what is in store for the day. This will help you learn the cards. Then go back at the end of the day and reflect how that card came into play during that day.

Discussion groups are EXCELLENT! Those helped me the most.

This is just a fraction of great ideas out there to help. Hope this helps you out.

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