Any Advice when it comes to using a Ouija Board and its safety?

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When I was a child, my mom and I would use a ouija board from time to time.  She was a gifted woman and the two of us would have a wonderful time using it together.

I have that same Ouija board we used when I was a child, and have brought it out again for my daughter and I to try together.  But now that I’m older (and wiser?) I’ve read some things that make me uncomfortable about spirits being bound on earth here, and looking for release, and making sure that who you contact is a friendly soul.  On top of the fact that some things I’ve read talk about casting a circle before you use the Ouija.

I really don’t know whether my mom did any of these things – I remember it was always a good experience for me.  Before I go off and get myself into a situation I shouldn’t, does anyone have any advice?


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the ouija board is a lot like internet chat rooms. You can open the door but you dont know who you are letting in..

I don’t recommend them, if you have a spirit come through that you don’t want to entertain its like that uncle that comes for the holiday, gets drunk and makes you uncomfortable and you have no way of getting rid of him. If this is your first time with her communicating with spirits she may not be strong enough to deal with whatever spirit comes through.

there are better ways to mother/daughter bond..

good luck with this if you choose to go ahead with it. If you use it; cast a circle around your self and child and protect yourself with blue light also whatever religious God/Goddess you work with.

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