Are there any tarot books to help you study the meanings?

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Are there any books out there that your recommend reading and use also as a guide to studying each card and learning and doing step by step as you suggest?

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The little booklet enclosed with each deck may be informative enough to start. When looking at each card like the Fool. Relax and listen and write down you thoughts no matter how silly they are, they can be refined later. Then sum up your thoughts on the cards into keywords. You may want to look up the book, The Fool’s Journey. Now don’t be boggled by books. Esp the cookbook variety. Eden Grays books are small and can be carried. So if you want a book. Get that one. Most books on the tarot today are new age pop psychology self help. Which is fine and have their place. But if you want a no nonsense book to start, Eden Grays or Mary Greers maybe of better use for you. I will compile a list for you as we go along.

Mary Greer Teach Yourself Tarot

Eden Gray, Mastering the Tarot


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