Are you afraid of the tarot?

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In this video he goes into detail as to why you shouldn’t fear something that isn’t evil in nature to begin with.

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I bought a pack of Celtic Tarot cards and found that several of my predictions came true.When i predicted on four separate occassions that relatives would die i became frightened and decided to give up.Is this just coincidence?


    that’s not nice at all is it? you know it’s a strange thing but I’ve known other people who only ever seem to ‘see’ bad things, and I’ve never quite figured out why. Needless to say, most people react as though they have been scalded and put down whatever they were using as a tool for their psychic powers.

    I’ve got a theory about this….don’t know if it’s right or not, but I wonder whether when, at first, a person begins to awaken their latent talent, it’s possible that ‘big’ events come through more strongly than any others. Obviously things like death are ‘big’ events…… Well what if somebody has your sort of experience, and stops reading, just before you would have started refining your abilities so you didn’t only see sad things? Mind you that’s just a theory 😉

    Do you do any other form of psychic work?


      I like tarot reading and found i could only do this in complete quiet and when i’m calm.I’ve predicted a new job for my sister and a change in friends for my older daughter.i’ve predicted various changes for myself.It just leaves you very wary when you predict death.I know when i’m in danger because of certain feelings and i can feel the presence of dead relatives.The reason i came to this site is for someone to tell me i’m not crackers.

        Laura Beth

        Well you know, if you’re crackers several of the rest of us are too, so you’ve come to the right place!! I’m glad you’ve also been able to predict good stuff in the cards as well as the very difficult things you’ve had to face.

Marie Clare

Well – I can understand why that would frighten someone – what else do you see and feel?? is it all just the “bad” stuff??

I do not read specifics – not like that anyway – mine is more in the emotions and feelings. Things changing for the better or changing for the worse.

I can lay down a reading and know if it is good or bad just be feeling the cards as I lay them down – regardless of whether a questions has been asked or not.

And no – i do not think that you are crakers – not unless some of the rest of us are too!!!!!!

thank you for coming and sharing that !!!

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Love, hugs and light


If I can make a suggestion…

Tarot is a very strong tool. But it can draw information from the reader as well as the querent. If you expect to see death and destruction in the cards you deal, you will.

Here’s my suggestion. Start doing a daily card. Do this on two levels. The first traveling through the deck from The Fool to The King of Coins, everyday work on one card. Think about it. play with it, meditate on it. Every day, draw a card with a question, making it the same question. Once again, think about it, play with it, meditate on it. keep a journal and WRITE IT DOWN. Then when you have gone through the entire deck and have become familiar with the cards, try doing a simple 4 card reading for yourself or some one you know about the out come of something completely mundane – like a trip to the grocery store or a outting to the theatre. We all know how these are supposed to end. See if you are right. See if you can home in on “don’t forget the soup” or “remember to set aside the fight that you and your husband are having so that you can enjoy the show.” Those nuances are what will take you from simply predicting “Big” events to being able to see the shades of grey.

And if you’re crackers, I’ll fruit loops! We could have breakfast here!

Have a great day!

scared tarot

Hey there

I am also a bit afraid of the tarot cards, although I or they never ever predict any catastrophes.

But I am afraid to let the cards rule my life. I will not sit around and wait for something to happen – and was this actually what was in the cards this morning, or should I wait for something alike.

I rather ask, what I should learn from this or that, and then find the answers in the cards. This is to stop my mind from buzzing, then at least I find some kind of answer.

I do draw cards for friends, if they ask me, or help them read/understand the cards. But it is very seldom I uses the cards for myself.

lots of love.


my husband is so afraid of the cards he wouldnt allow me to have them in my house for a long time-he thinks they are evil-though this of course only made me want them more and now finally its one of those things he’ll never understand,but on the other hand,his hangups arent keeping me from something i am so so so drawn to.
Hey-i just learned my great-great grandma knew how to read tea leaves and was a highly effective
healer in her time

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