Can Spirit Guides get Angry?

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Can Spirit Guides get Angry?

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Yes, spirit guides are capable of getting angry. However, I haven’t heard or experienced this anger being directed at the person who the spirit guide watches. The anger is usually at the person who you are conversing with or say the situation you’re about to throw yourself into or something along those lines. They aren’t like unemotional beings. They were once human and sometimes their human-ness comes out. Or well, that is what I have seen. Others will disagree.

Being that they were once human there is no doubt that decisions you make that are bad will get them to give themselves a good old head smack. You have to remember exactly what role they play in your life. The reason they are called guides is because they guide you with decisions that you make in your daily life. So just like we on earth we will sit here and think why did so-and-so make that decision for themselves when it’s obvious they made the wrong choice, they themselves will think of that on the celestial plane.

You might find at times, they are very strong with the wording or their advice but this is only because these are the things you need to be hearing at that moment. Yet understand that they are doing this for your own good even if at that moment you don’t believe that it’s for that cause. Even though your path has been chosen they help you grow from that moment.

Now even though they do get angry at times you must realize that there is no retaliation on their part or revenge per se for you not listening to their advice. They’ll just move on to the next step that they can to help you understand the moves that you should be making to better your own life.

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