Can Tarot cards show bad things even if the day is a great one?

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Ever gotten a bad card that makes you go, “Huh? Today’s great. That card is wrong!” what do you think accounts for this?

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I tend to look at them as warnings and to be careful or as a heads-up sort of thing. If a loved one will be in a situation that may “be” the card, I will warn them to be extra careful, without being the over-mothering hen or a worry wart.

I don’t see any of the cards as “bad”. Life is not fair, nor is it fun all of the time. It would be bloody boring if it was. There are daily choices of which path you will take, from getting out of bed until you lay down to sleep. If a card pops up that is an amber warning to me, then I take note.

I see tarot as a series of paths. Free will/choice is always available.

That said if i do see warnings, I disclose warnings about bad news. I feel like it’s unethical if you see something and don’t at least let them know there is a possibility of whatever it is happening.

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