Can we see The Light Energy that Energy workers talk about?

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This may sound like a silly question, but can Light energy be seen visibly, or just felt? In my body, it feels like an expansion and a lightness of being. I know it’s also very similar to the energy of love. But can we see it as well?

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That very much depends on the person. We all have different ways of perceiving energy, and these perceptions can be encouraged and developed.

I perceive energy in a number of different ways, probably because energy comes in various frequencies. All energy is actually light energy, which comes from the Source, the Light, which I also think of as All That Is/God. I feel energy in a variety of ways with my body, and I can usually sense a change in the energy pattern of a client where there is a problem. I am also very sensitive to the energy of people/places, both positive and negative.
I ‘see’ some energy as living light. I say ‘see’ because I actually have to close my eyes to experience it. They are quite beautiful colors, moving in patterns. This usually happens when I am giving or receiving healing, but these colors are also always present when I am in a room with other energy workers. I once went to a conference of energy healers and Light workers with about 100 people present in one room. Every time I closed my eyes it was like being in a cathedral of beautiful light, great arching waves and patterns of it filling the room. I will also sometimes see bright white ‘sparkles’ or dancing light, which I believe are very high frequency energy beings.
So, I suppose the answer to your question, as least for me, is yes, we can see Light energy, or at least some of the many manifestations of it.
As well as another view on it:
I see inter dimensional energy quite often. I see an energy field all around when I’m in a quiet state of mind, and moving energy beings when I’m not focused on anything. If you focus on nothing, you may see whisps of energy out of the corner of your eye. If you then relax more and practice this more, you will see this is an entire energy field we normally don’t see. Inter dimensional beings pop out of the field and sometimes can even touched me, and it has felt like vibrational energy you are speaking of. This vibrational energy is seen with our third eye, a sensory organ we have.
As an engineer by profession, though, (actually a manager of engineers) I have to say there really are many different types of as-of-yet scientifically unknown energies, such as kundalini, inter dimensional beings, auric fields (including the akash), etc and also forms of electromagnetic energies as well that people can’t see. In fact, light in the scientific sense is really electromagnetic (including everything from ELF, VHF, microwaves to gamma rays, electrons, protons, etc). The vibrational energies you are referring to are even more formless than electromagnetic radiation . Interestingly, there are what scientists refer to as dark energy and dark matter — matter and energy we can’t see with a telescope. It would be interesting to find out if any of this is inter dimensional energy. Furthermore, string theory provides a description of how this energy can exist and not be present within our own experience of space-time.
Therefore, not only can these energies be seen by our third eye, but it’s possible science may identify some of them in the very near future, and probably begin to use them in a practical way. Why is this important? The crawl known as science represents that which we have a foundation (be it mathematical or theoretical) leading up to anything new. This is extremely useful because it means we will be able to find enhanced ways to utilize and work with the energy without as much potential of corruption by emotional or baseless claims.

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