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Another question on tarot I am confused about, but what is the difference between Strength and the Chariot cards?

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Both cards depict strength but the Chariot has more to do with an actual victory and movement. In order for there to be a victory, there has to be some sort of goal(s) and action taken to ensure those goals are successful. Seeing the Chariot, we can think of strength, but also success and movement. Often the card shows up after a time of stagnation and not meeting our own expectations. The Chariot in a reading can also indicate a move; a journey; getting going; moving forward and so on. Of course, the image on the cards does suggest some battles or wars taking place or haven taken place, so that’s an added element to the idea of victory. The battle has been won!

With the Strength card, those implications just aren’t necessarily there. It’s not a card of victory over someone or some situation, or even movement and there is no implied battle being won. It’s a card of strength that comes with courage and knowing our selves. People with this type of strength are very self aware and know how to exude courage and strength to the rest of the world. The beast has been tamed and with that alone, comes strength. In readings this can indicate a lust for life and all living things. It can show a calm yet forceful person or situation. The Strength card very much symbolizes power and authority that comes from inner knowing and peace but not in the sense of lording this power over anyone.

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