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I recently purchased the Cosmic Tarot deck and was a bit disappointed in the card stock… but alas, today I actually shuffled the deck and found how wrong I was as they were pretty stiff and sturdy. I am now a satisfied owner of the deck

Yes, I have it, and both companion books. It’s fun figuring out the famous people portrayed – Charles Bronson is one, Sophia Loren….I personally like it very much.

I have always been drawn to this deck; but it’s Thoth based. I think I must have a block with Thoth, because I am drawn to sooo many Thoth decks but when I get them, I shelve them and make excuses for not working with them. I have this deck, but I don’t use it. There must be a reason there.

I’ve had the Cosmic Tarot for a long time now. I was attracted to the High Priestess in this deck but, honestly, disappointed with it once I opened the box — it’s got a pretty serious 80s vibe, with court cards that look like Farah Fawcett and Tom Selleck.

Anyway, after trying it out a few times, it’s grown on me, and this year I’ve been using it as my personal deck and working on building a bond. I love the gentle colours and it pushes me out of my comfort zone more than the Waite-Smith or Morgan-Greer (the other 2 decks I have here).

Some of the imagery is very unconventional, and I’ve found it confounding. Today, noticing the similarities in the 4 of Wands and 6 of Swords, I thought, “There must be a book about this” and was delighted to see it for less than $4 on Amazon for Kindle!

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Tarot Love

This deck is one of a fairly recent crop decks that offer us stunning visual images and masterly art work. It is difficult to describe this deck in words and still do it justice. The details and vibrancy of the art work is exquisite. The backs of the cards are every bit as amazing. The card back offers us a cosmic view of the cosmos, complete with elements, stars, pentacles and more wonderful art. The beauty of the art work is enhanced by knowing that the artist, Norbert Losche is self-taught.

The deck bills itself as being “Cosmic” and it lives up to that claim. The cards depict scenes from extreme antiquity to present and touch on virtually everything in between.


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I have the Cosmic Tarot and I love the artwork — I’m a big fan of classic films, from which many of the images on the cards are taken. But those very images can be distracting for readings; when I’m looking at Ingrid Bergman, I tend to think of her character in ‘Casablanca’ rather than more universal archetypes.

So I highly recommend these cards to collectors of Tarot art like myself (I have over 40 decks) but not necessarily for someone looking for a deck for readings, unless you’re someone who enjoys thinking about the ways life parallels the movies.

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