Crystal Dowsing – How to Tutorial

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I have been dowsing for a good number of years and still I find myself suprised by things.

Today we were having some electrical problems. Something was tripping out the box and so we had to unplug everything. When I got up to my bedroom I decided to draw a rough map of upper and lower floors and where all the sockets are.

I found that there was a socket causing problems in my bedroom and the other was in the extension. It turned out I was exactly right. We’ve sorted one and will be dealing with the other tomorrow. 🙂 I’m still a little shocked…lol


There are still a lot of folks who see dowsing as such. I really don’t. It’s because everything radiates some sort of energy. So we can use rods or a pendulum to find/ sense it.

Mid wives use to use a pendulum to establish the sex of a unborn child. Often they were 90% right! However the negative factor in the blood show the oposite which effected the results. So, could this account for some of the wrong answers? seems so

At one point the US Marines considered teach dowsing to troops fighting in Viet Nam. They were going to use it to find arms caches and the tunnels constructed by the Viet Cong. Also bobby traps were a concern. So again dowsing might have helped.

I spoke to several vets from that time period, who told me they used the dowsing to find the tunnels!

The reason the US Marines weren’t taught to use dowsing was it isn’t 100% accurate! LOL What is? I joke with some of em that dowsing was more reliable than the old M-16a1s rifles they were using! LOL

the point is crytal dowsing orwhatever can be used for more then the paranormal

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