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I considered this a “cutesy” deck when I first saw it. I kept seeing it so I decided to get it. There is much more to it than meets the eye and I also LOVE the back of the cards! It is such a wonderful deck to have for readings with people who find Tarot dark or whatever. I must say I love this deck for myself, too. It’s visually uplifting, but that doesn’t mean the cards are sugarcoated, either. I hope you enjoy it. I know I do!

It is very RWS based. This is a deck where I like the art better in the minor arcana than the major arcana except the Knights. Being a rider in my youth, the Knights bother me tremendously as the riders are way too big for the horses and the riders leg positions bother me tremendously as they are just awful. Normally the Knights are my favorite of the court cards, but not in this deck. But that is just imagery, it seems to read okay and may be a nice deck for reading for others as for the most part, it is pretty, no nudity, etc.

 I did not care for this deck at first glance. I thought it was too “cutesy.” Was I ever wrong after I took a closer look. There is much more to this Tarot than meets the eye. It is beautiful with a very special energy. Also, the back of the cards are definitely one of my favorites. I find the whole experience of these cards delightful for lack of a better word! I know you’ll enjoy them.

People react in very different ways with this deck: some are attracted to it as soon as they see it, and others are not that enthusiastic, but they come to like it when they have a closer look

I just love the tribe of fae people represented in there. Practically, the deck is easy to work with, but artistically, it is an experience with a lovely and solemn people

Got my new deck in the mail today! I love the size of the cards and after I snip the borders, they will be even more perfect! I was expecting the mythical angels and faeries theme. I was not expecting the actual blood and bleeding in some of the scenes. Death has an actual (presumably) dead body too. Awesome! I love them!

 I love it. I love the colors and the imagery. It’s also a good deck for relationship readings. If I give clients a choice and they choose the crystal visions deck, invariably their question is about relationships. And I don’t tell them anything other than choose the deck you’re drawn to, the one that you like looking at.

I have it and people are drawn to the beautiful artwork but it has been used maybe three times. I find the card stock super slippery like the Joie de vivre and I tend to drop cards all over the place lol.

I have this deck and love it. It’s great for relationship readings. Even the back of the cards are beautiful. Never thought of trimming them. Please post pics of them afterward. I would love to see.

Just got the Crystal Visions Tarot…..what an underated deck this is – the colours and artwork are outstanding……a much welcome addition to our collection

I quite like this deck as an RWS clone and used it exclusively for a while. There are a few cards that kind of throw me off a bit, as they differ enough from RWS. I also really love the colors, personally. I think it’s a good deck to read with at events.


Question and Answer:

Q: what do you do with the ” unknown card” ?

A: I see it as the mystery card, what is unknown or hidden. Depending on where it lands in a spread, it can sometimes translate to “sorry, its not the time to reveal this” or “this is on a need-to-know basis and you don’t need to know.” I’ve also had it turn up at the beginning of a reading, which I interpret as me not being in the right frame of mind or having an unclear question.

A: actually, you can justifiably remove any card from the deck that you don’t like… or even all of them. the Universe has a way of telling you what you need to know when you need to know it by using any number of methods in tarot or in life.

A: that extra card is nice but I take it off from the deck when I need a quick response as it throw me off when this card comes on the outcome or under the hidden factors of the spread. These cards over all are great as the art is very expressive, either you do person to person or email readings these cards are great. I like that they are divided by color and the elements are represented accordingly as well. I am not into dragons but in these cards I do enjoy looking at them indeed. These cards I have been using them as my main cards since May 2012, my other one is The Witches Tarot, great cards as well.

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Becky Rodriguez

I found this to be a very nice deck…..pretty artwork, easy to read…”Gentle” is the word that comes to mind to describe this deck. I have been using this specially for relationship questions and found they are pretty accurate when i ask the tarot. This is in my tarot rotation.

Becky Rodriguez

I use daily and it always gives me accurate guidance for me and others. I believe that we need to embrace the future and step beyond our physical boundaries, as we are pure Energy, the same with everything else, and when one becomes One with All, there are no limits.

Becky Rodriguez

about this deck: The Crystal Visions Tarot might seem sort of simplistic or even wimpy, but I find it very warm, kind, and, while, yeah, simple, a pleasure to read with. If you check it out, let me know what you think. (Oh, it comes with dreadful harsh white borders, but you can fix that in an evening …)


Some folks feel that The Unknown Card in The Crystal Tarot seems too close to The High Priestess to warrant its spot as a 79th card in that deck. Last night, I drew The Unknown and felt a distinct difference: Whereas The High Priestess seems to be obscuring something hidden behind her, I felt the witchy woman in The Unknown was preferring something TO me, something that, while still not completely formed, was coming to me, taking shape on the way.

country girl

I used the Crystal Visions deck and in this deck the Wheel of Fortune actually has the word Tarot written on it – my karma. My actions will benefit others to explore the unlimited opportunities within themselves…. I am already doing this, this is the reason why I am doing Tarot, and my aim is to help others see the light within, to manifest the calling of their soul… Of course this is also my journey, we can only lighten the path that we walk on.

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