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Why Isn’t She in our charts?

Why isn’t lilith an immediate ingredient on our natal charts? I think
because she is not normally visible and because of her impersonal
energy. She likes to hide her power.

How was she discovered in space?

Lilith as an asteroid or astrological phenomenon comes from the
discovery of a “satellite of the earth”, located to three times the
distance of the moon to the earth. Its existence was certified by the
astrological office of the united states of america in the year 1879.
In 1928 and 1929, signs of short waves were used and they were
reflected on the moon from the one satellite lilith. She was called
the black moon because she was not visible.

Lilith in mythology:

Lilith is understood in the old testament as a demon of the night,
possibly an assyrian goddess. I don’t feel i know her well enough to
have a committed view, but up to this day i think of her as a second
moon, the non-reflective one. Our regular moon is defensive and
subjective and i see lilith as objective and offensive. However, i
don’t believe her to be a demon, angel, or spirit. My opinion.

Lilith, in jewish folklore, refers to a demon who is an enemy of new
born children. She is referred to as a “night hag” in isaiah 34:14!
Lilith was known in babylonian myth, but she also appears in later
post-biblical jewish literature. She is described as adam’s first
wife. She left him after a quarrel.

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