Do Drugs and Alcohol effect your psychic abilities?

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just curious if certain things would interfere with a persons abilities. not getting correct signals, readings etc

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Caffeine definitely. This sends your energy haywire. You’ll begin hearing/seeing/sensing all kinds of things, when most of them are just caused by the caffeine. It makes you misinterpret things.

Nicotine, this is a toss up since i know alot of people that smoke that do readings/ I would personally say i dont think it effects it at all or much.

Alcohol also affects abilities. Drinking suppresses them; things will not come through that normally would. Even just having one drink, my guide’s voices aren’t as clear.

Sugar can have different effects. It will first have the effects of caffeine, but when it begins to wear off, it then has the same effect of alcohol.

Hardcore drugs like Heroine and Cocaine would effect it greatly in a negative roll. On a side note i have known a few people that have dabbled in LSD and magic mushrooms to help open their minds but i wouldn’t suggest it.

General diet also plays a huge role in abilities. A healthy diet (that includes omega-3s) can help abilities grow, a bad diet will suppress them. A healthy diet can also protect you from negative energy and entities. It builds up your immune system and boosts your mood, energy, and emotions, so it essential boosts your “spiritual” immune system. It’s all connected.

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