Do reoccuring tarot cards mean something else?

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I’ve been surprised by the number of times I’ve seen a particular few cards lately, both on this list, and in readings I’ve done at home. Has anybody else noticed this? Why do you think it might be happening?

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That’s a common one with me. Recurring cards mean the same thing as recurring themes in your life. Some issue, or something you need to pay attention to, or some message you need to hear, is trying to reveal itself to you, and it can come by way of recurring cards. They have the same meaning as recurring dreams, and, seeing as how one of your recurring cards is the 9 of Swords, I’m wondering if you’ve had any recurring dreams lately? This happened to me this week with the Ace of Cups, twice. Both from my Crowley Deck.

A lot of times, these recurring cards will keep appearing until you pass through some phase in your life, then you won’t see them again for awhile. You might notice, after you’ve been reading tarot for a good, long while, that you’ll have recurring cards which repeat during a brief phase, like this Ace of Cups is doing for me this week, then you’ll have cards that recur over the course of many, many years. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve drawn the King of Swords and the Magician. These are lifelong recurrences for me.

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