Do tarot readers or psychics need to have certification?

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I was wondering if people that read the tarot or people that have psychic abilities if they need to have special certification to be able to read?

I was wondering as I’m trying to find the best person to read me on the situation that I’m currently going through right now, and one a make sure that I find somebody that is top quality.

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Tarot reading can be a complex thing. This is due to the fact that there are many different types of tarot decks as well as different types of spreads that you can use for different questions. Some readers will get training from a famous tarot master and through that will receive a certification, or there are some unofficial certification boards for tarot.

To add to your question do you really need to have certification to be able to read the tarot? The answer to this is quite simple no you do not. All you need to do is put in the hours and hard work to learn the meanings of the cards, the spreads that you would use, and your intuition as to what the cards mean to the person that you’re reading for.

As for psychics there currently is no certification method for their abilities, if one claims to have this certification it is just themselves trying to sound more important than they really are. That’s not to say that the abilities don’t exist because we know they do, it just there’s currently no way of testing out the abilities they have. When it comes to adding them to different networks online most companies will have other psychics test out their abilities to see whether or not they are capable of reading to the general public. Anyone can claim that they have psychic ability so it’s best to shop around to find the best psychic that has a really good reputation and great feedback.

One thing that I have found is that there are some companies that will charge a huge amount for someone to get a certificate, so that person can claim that they are gifted. This does not mean that they are by any stretch of the imagination a true psychic, just means they bought a piece of paper.

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