do you find that your first instinct is usually correct When reading for someone?

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When doing a reading for someone you have never met before, do you find that your first instinct is usually correct?

I have been finding that as soon as I spread the cards and look at the whole picture, I get an immediate impression of what the spread means.

Then, when I go back over the spots one by one, sometimes my impression alters a bit–sometimes more than just a bit. Usually, it isn’t enough to change my overall first view a lot, but it does “fine tune” the picture in my mind, and sometimes–actually usually–gives me pause that my first instinct was not quite right to begin with.

I never know which “version” to go with because I don’t want to seem like I’m hedging my bets (covering a couple of possibilities because I’m not sure from the start).

Now, to answer my own question, I realize that every card in the spread is valuable and meaningful to the overall picture…but putting aside the “weight” of a major arcana vs. a minor, can some slots have more meaning than others in a spread?

I’m referencing the Celtic Cross here because I feel it is the one used most for general as well as specific-question readings. (It’s the one I use most, anyway.)

So, anyway, who among you out there is psychic enough to understand what I am trying to ask???

Insightful Answer:

Accuracy is relative to confidence.  Always go with your gut  Now this is just my humble two cents and the amazing teachers who I have learned from on the site may give you better advice than I, but….

The cards are tools that allow you to tap into your psychic energy.  So if your instinct tells you something then it is working.  By thinking about it, you are second guessing your instinct and second guessing the energy you are tapping into in the first place.

With that said, once you look at the cards closely, they will enable you to enhance what you already know. You will find as you do more readings that on some level you will already know what the cards are going to say.  Which is why I don’t read for myself very often.  When I do, I find myself saying, “okay Goddess, I know, I know.”    And of course just like a kid, sometimes I don’t want to hear it.

Regarding the ‘weight’ of the positions of the spread, I am going to go with my gut.   I have never really thought about it, but my guess is that if a major arcana appears in a position, the major card gives the position more importance.

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