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My Druidcraft tarot became a favorite after I trimmed it but the cards are thin and the card back is so “meh” in comparison to how stunning the images are so I changed the backs and made the cards sturdier by simply using contact paper. I’ve done this before and it’s easy as well as very durable, my other deck that I did this to is holding up very well and I couldn’t take the backing off now even if I wanted to.

It is my second favorite deck, right behind Wildwood Tarot. It’s images are natural, and the symbolism very Celtic/Norse, but still very readable. It’s more of a pagan deck than some. The artwork is beautiful. Someone said once the large feet made the characters look Hobbit-like, but to me that simply adds to the magical and otherworldly feel of the artwork. 

I don’t think you’d be disappointed

this was my absolute “go-to” deck for many years…LOVE the artwork and its spirituality…and especially love the larger book. It is filled to overflowing with Celtic lore and meanings (remember tho’ I never advocate memorized book meanings) that enrich the cards in myriad ways. Definitely get the larger book…it is worth every extra money.

 I received my cards and I am absolutely in love with them. I have the book and also the app so that I can become more familiar with the cards and their meanings, even when I don’t have the physical deck or book with me. It’s a win-win situation and I am thrilled.

A very special deck! It draws on the RWS in that it keeps the names of the suits and most of the majors (The Devil becomes Cernnunos) but is immersed in Wicca and Druidry. It is in close harmony with the wheel of the year (Celtic festivals) the seasons, elements and nature in general. It also has the ancient tale of Ceridwen and Taliesin running through it, which adds another layer of challenge and survival to the Fives. If you know the RWS you’ll follow this deck easily. The creators (Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm) are prominent in all things Bardic and Druidic as well as being wonderful people, and the artwork is by Will Worthington, so win-win

Love this deck, it’s my main deck for readings. Absolutely fab for reading intuitively and never ceases to amaze me how I can see something completely different in the imagery in every spread. Personally I love the larger size and don’t find it a problem. I’ve got small to medium sized hands but turn them on end and soon got used to shuffling them that way. If I was being really picky, I would prefer a ‘prettier’ back (have a bit of a ‘thing’ for card backs/designs lol) and perhaps slightly thicker/glossier


Questions and Answers:

Q:   there are two versions: one that has just a pamphlet in the deck box, and another version that has a good size, detailed book to accompany it. Can anyone tell me if I should get the larger book? If it’s necessary to understand the deck properly?

A: Not necessary, but a fabulous asset. So much more than a standard LWB, and worth the extra cost. Druidcraft tarot is available as an app and has the meanings from the book included. Plus all the cards etc. worth a look.

Q: Is this based on the rider waite deck?

A: If you’re used to RWS, DruidCraft will work nicely for you, but there are some changes. First, DC has foll0wed the Marseille Majors by switching Strength and Justice. So Strength is card #11, the center of the Majors. Some other changes: Cernunnos is the Devil card, and card #14 (Temperence) has been changed to Fferyllt. If you get this deck, I recommend to get the boxed set with book. It’s a lovely deck and easy to work with, IMHO. If I had a choice, I would change the size of the cards (they are big) and also I was not ecstatic about the feel of the ink on the cards. They are not as slick as I would prefer. Still worth it, to me.

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Susan Doyle

My new DruidCraft Tarot arrived on Friday I just love it! It’s wonderful. The images are great, and I connected very easily with the deck. There’s only a “tiny” problem: the size of the cards… it’s too big for my hands. I find it very difficult to shuffle because of that very reason. Any ideas or tricks to solve that?

    Becky Rodriguez

    There are special paper cutters on the market. I don’t have one but a lot here do. I’ve heard one using just sharp scissors. Myself I use a really sharp hobby knife (a scalpel actually) and change the knife every 25 to 30 cards. I have a metal ruler and a rubber mat for underneath. Take your time (i spread it in a couple of days). And don’t be too hard on yourself, you can make a little mistake but won’t notice it in the end. For the corners you could use a corner cutter.

Becky Rodriguez

I love my Druid Craft Tarot, but cards are too big, and the borders are distracting. I started trimming just the borders, but I decided to trim the original titles as well. The results are astonishing! These cards are much stronger trimmed in this way!! If you want to do something like this: 1. buy a permanent pen (good quality one, even if it’s damn expensive) 2. when you put the titles on the cards, even if it’s tricky, spot a place where details are not hidden by the title.
I’ve only trimmed till the Star… It’ll take me quite a while till I’ve done all the cards.. I’m on it!

marry love

I use the Druid and I love it, such an insightful and luscious deck. I trimmed mine and that made the cards even more fabulous


this deck is fab – very big cards though – huge border which I trimmed down – made them look and feel a lot better…..

I have been reading in depth, the companion book to my DC Tarot, and it’s driving me nuts not knowing the pronounciation of so many of the names! Does anyone know of a book/dictionary of sorts that would give all these?

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