Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

eight of cups tarot card meaning

8 of Cups


taking time to venture out, depression, Seeking deeper meaning, moving on, you are walking away, had enough, starting a journey of discovery, disappointment, feeling tired, taking time to think, things are bleak, letting go, looking for answers, you have grown tired of a situations, leaving a hopeless situation, finishing up and walking away, turning your back.


success, Love is going well, Effort continued until full success is attained, Overcoming depression, joy , finding pleasure, Completion.

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Kristal Cobos

Title: Lord of Abandoned Success
Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Decan: Saturn in Pisces; February 19-28
Thumbnail Meaning: Indolence in success, stagnation, instability, decline; throwing off security; venturing into the unknown.

The Eight of Cups is a card of dissatisfaction. Laziness, stagnation, impulsive renunciation––all these are quick ways to waste success. All are represented by this card.

In the image at right, a man is turned away from the cups, and is walking up a hill. It is nighttime, when most people are sleeping. Where is this journey going to take him? The full moon, represented in the medeival style, is looking at him with a mysterious expression.

This emotional state suggests some inner turmoil. “All is vanity” thinking often seems to come from a too-easy satisfaction of desires. It does not lend itself to action, constructive or otherwise.

In The Conquest of Happiness, Bertrand Russell takes issue with this worldview. “We must distinguish between a mood and its intellectual expression,” he points out. “There is no arguing with mood; it can be changed by some fortunate event, or by a change in our bodily condition, but it cannot be changed by argument.” You cannot feel that “all is vanity” if your child is sick, if you are starving or have lost all your money. Therefore, the belief that “all is vanity” is itself in vain.

Since the suit of Cups is associated with emotions, especially feelings of love, this card can indicate a partial failure of love. Though sad, such failures are only human.

Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a figure with his back to us trudging away into the night as the moon shines down on him impassively. In the foreground, eight cups stand upright. This is a very bad card. The first impression is disillusion. It may be that the querent has tired of the pleasures of life and feels he wants to lead an ascetic existence. Perhaps someone who wants to become a monk, or perhaps a recluse. But the other interpretation, which makes the image a particularly distressing one, is that the figure has had to turn his back on all the good things in his life involuntarily. From having a happy and contented situation, something happens to force the querent to give up everything he has worked to achieve. It’s a paradise-lost card. Compare the nine of Pentacles-Reversed.


The reversed image suggests that someone who has had a very bad experience is now moving on and getting on with his/her life. This is a very good card. Don’t underestimate how important it is for a person in great distress to be able to bury the ghosts of the past and move on with hope. No one wants to sit in a darkened room weeping and lamenting the past. But tears are as necessary to grief as gasoline is necessary to a car engine. To hand out this trite cliche of – put the past behind you and get on with your life – is about the most useless piece of advice to a grieving person that can be imagined. When the time comes for the tears to dry up and the person can actaually move on it represents a very important breakthrough.

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