Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

eight of wands tarot card meaning
8 Of Wands


Having all Elements come together, Letter or Messages are coming, Taking the Initiative, Activity in Undertakings, On the Move, New Ideas, A process of Speeding-up to end some Delays, Opportunity coming through, Sudden Insights, making your move, A Goal is approaching, Love will find its mark, Energy, Activity of some sort, Getting Somewhere, A card of hope, cupids arrow, Taking Charge, Taking Action to achieve a Goal, Sudden Progress, Swift Action, Travel.


Disputes and Disagreements, Jealousy, Running out of Steam, Not taking Action that could benefit you, Standstill, Jumping in with both feet first before testing the water, Cancelled Journeys, Quarrels, Totally Wasted Energy and Ideas, A Force of Courage, Staying in one place too long, Domestic Disputes, Momentum is Blocked, Stagnation.

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts eight Wands flying through the air. All are going in the same direction, and the downward direction suggests that they are approaching the end of their flight. The card suggests movement in a single direction. It also suggests speed. Events are moving apace, and the direction is set. The fact that all the Wands are flying in the same direction suggests that the querent is in control, despite fast-moving events. It could also indicate that his friends, family, and colleagues are with him, and supporting him. The card indicates clear thinking and a sense of direction. Clear targets and objectives have been set, and the querent is moving relentlessly toward his goals. There may be a sense of neutrality in the image – that events are moving apace, though how things will turn out is yet to be seen.

There are several ways to interpret the reversal. Instead of moving quickly and having momentum, inertia is setting in. Events are moving slowly, perhaps agonizingly slowly. Perhaps the querent is having to wait a long time for success. Results seem to be coming very slowly. Alternatively, the in-line directness of the image may be breaking down. Instead of all the Wands heading in one direction together as a team, they are starting to divide and move in different directions. Perhaps in the fast-moving situation the querent is losing support from family, friends, and/or colleagues. Maybe just when the querent is on the final lap, things are starting to unravel. He is beginning to lose his sense of direction. His previously clear thinking has turned foggy and unclear. The cycle may be heading for a hard landing, as the Wands slam into the ground from all directions.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Swiftness
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Decan: Mercury in Saggitarius; November 23 – December 2
Thumbnail Meaning: Swiftness, courage, too much too soon; fighting, warfare.

This is a card of movement, intense action and high-energy forces set in motion.

The Eight of Wands is a great card to see if you’ve been stuck in a rut. It suggests quick and decisive change. A new love affair, a business breakthrough, a creative jolt and a sudden burst of energy are all possibilities this card suggests.

Note that this movement––this swiftness––is not necessarily for the good. In the Rider-Waite tarot, all of the wands are suspended in mid-air. Are they going to hit the ground, or hit somebody in the head?

Too, these wands cannot stay in the air for very long. Eventually, they are going to crash. This card can refer to the burst of willpower at the beginning of every venture: while important, it cannot be relied upon to provide fuel forever. The Eight of Wands may refer to:

The catalyst for action or change
The start of a new project
A sudden burst of energy
A manic episode
Divine inspiration
A binge of some kind

This is, above all, a card of intensity. When paired with the Ace of Wands it is a harbinger of powerful energy, activity and work. However, if it goes on too long, it can lead to burn-out.

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