Empress Tarot Card Meaning

empresss tarot card meaning

3 – The Empress:

Keywords: Creativity, fertility, birth, bounty, abundance, fruitfulness, nurture, mothering, sensual pleasure

The Empress is all about fertility, creativity and sensual pleasure. She is sometimes described as Mother Earth or Mother Nature. A more mature woman than the High Priestess… comfortable with who she is and not afraid to be herself. Many Empress cards depict a pregnant woman or nursing mother… The Empress is linked to Venus and wears a crown of 12 stars (referencing the zodiac) and a necklace of 7 pearls (the 7 main planets used on astrology). Her birthing, nurturing qualities are not confined to children, however. She often shows up when we are “giving birth” to a new project, or are in the throes of a creative or artistic endeavor.

The Empress card #3

Planet Venus
Her symbol, Goddess of Beautiful Things as Well as Love.

Season – Spring


Abundance and Great Happiness, Appreciating Beauty, Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor, Love of Nature-Relating to Plants and Animals, Creative Ideas-Creation or Birth of a Creative Project, Harmony and Stability on the Home Front, A Mother-Wife-Friend-Sister, Feeling Vibrantly Healthy, Expressing Tenderness, Patient, Feminine Progress, Loves Relaxation, Abundance on a Material and Emotional Level, Giving-Generous, Fruitful, Gentle and Compassionate….A Soft Heart, Ready When Needed, She “Likes” to Look after People, it Comes Naturally to Her, Being Earthy, Comfort, Working with Children, Nurturing and Caring for Others, pregnancy, Understanding, Adviser, Cherishing the World, sensitive, Fertility, Mothering….A Mother Hen, Feeling Connected to the Earth, Nourishing Life, She Likes to be Pampered, Loving-Affectionate, She is the Nurturer and the Provider,


Creative Blocks, Possible Complication with Pregnancy Or Poor Health, Unwanted Pregnancy, Lack on Concentration, Unable to Acquire Something you Need, Problems with a Relationship, Lack of Affection, Overbearing, Disloyal, Resort to Emotional Blackmail to get what She Wants, Partial Success in the Areas which are important, Infidelity, Domestic Upheaval, Don’t know when to let go, Lacking Maternal or Protective instincts, Materialistic, Material Needs are Unmet, Vanity, Sterility, Be Possessive and Jealous, Can Smother-Over-Protectiveness.

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The Empress is a card of psychic ability to me and can represent intuition, motherhood or a mother figure. When this card turns up it can be someone’s mother, or it can represent a pregnacy,. It can also mean that we need to listen to this card and let our intuition take over and guide us

Brianna Stoker

Element: Fire Suit: Wands

The Empress, as the Wand Major, or Lady of the Wands represents the essence of all those things associated with the element Water and the suit of Wands. She can represent a whole cycle. She is, generally speaking, a good card, since Wands represent fertility, growth, prosperity, abundance, expansion, passion, enthusiasm. Wands also represent home and hearth, marriage, building a home, bringing up a family. They also represent wholesome, homely, rustic things. Basic crafts, simple country things, ordinary workers, basic housekeeping, such as washing, cooking, cleaning. They do also represent problems, though not necessarily to do with wandey things. Rather, problems in a general sense. Remember that Major Arcana, although associated with an element or a suit, are not strictly confined to those elements or suits. This also applies to the minor Arcana too, incidentally. You must always consider the querent, his/her question, and the other cards in the spread to give indications of interpretation. So, if the Empress appears in a spread in a slot designated ‘Recent Past’, then we may conclude that the querent has recently undergone a cycle of growth, expansion, or prosperity. It could indicate that the querent has had a series of problems, or undergone a problematic cycle, which may not actually be a wandey cycle. In any case, the Empress in this position would suggest that the cycle is complete, although her presence in a ‘Recent Past’ slot may indicate that the cycle just past is still having an influence on the querent’s life. The Empress-Reversed

The reversed card is generally a bad card. It suggests degeneration, decay, crumbling, breaking down, poverty, deprivation, weak energy, listless, wearing out, exhaustion, wilderness, desert, contraction, dissipation. Hard labor, tedious repetitive work. It may have a good aspect though, in the sense of finding solutions to problems, dealing with difficulties. If the reversed Empress appears in a spread in a slot designated ‘Recent Past’ we may conclude that the querent has recently completed a cycle of decay. Things crumbling to dust. If the querent is a business man who is asking if he will find success in a new business venture, we may conclude that he has recently suffered a collapse, or perhaps downsizing of his business. Possibly he has recently gone bankrupt.

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