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I have been doing a lot more readings than I normally do lately and I find that I feel really drained and tired afterwards-sometimes for 2-3 days afterward-and I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this before and if anyone has any suggestions to what I might do to prevent this from happening or suggestions to help reduce this effect.

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I often do 5 or 6 readings in a day and feeling tired and drained are big pit falls to being accurate and offering your best to everyone.

I’ve learned  some things that help me avoid this. I always take a break between readings… if 2 or 3 clients come together this can be just a few minutes of small talk and I try to lighten the atmosphere with a story, joke or something to get a laugh or at least a smile. This can keep the mood from becoming oppressive and negative.  I do try to get up and walk around between readings. I also offer a “powder room” break as this gets them up and moving.  I often take this time to ask clients if they want coffee, soda etc. This gets everyone’s minds off the problems and into the present.

Another thing I do is trade decks between readings. I have several I feel confident reading so I go from one to another. Just a change from the Thoth to the Hanson Roberts to the New Palladini can make me have a fresh perspective. I also keep my cards in order so the first thing I do when reaching for another deck is to shuffle several times to mix them well before handing them to the client to do their shuffling. I’ve taught myself to shuffle while thinking of light and help flowing into the cards so I get a dose of this also. Some days I need all the help I can get!

It is very hard to not let some of the worry and negative attitudes of clients stay in our lives. We only seem to see or hear from people when their lives are at their very worst. I rarely have clients that come to me when they are happy and all is well. Most seek us out when they feel they have no other recourse to avoid disaster and heartache. You aren’t the only one that has this problem, but we all have to find ways to stay focused and happy or we become so depressed we have nothing to offer.

I hope these suggestions help and I’m hoping others will send ideas also as it is something we can all use help with.






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