Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Five of cups tarot meaning
5 Of Cups


End of a relationship, Feeling deprived of Love, Longing to be reunited, crying over spilt milk, Disappointment and sorrow in relationships, Letting go of Hope, Emotional Letdowns, Setback.

New relationships are beginning, Return of a loved one, Learn from your disappointments, Return of Hope.

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Brianna Stoker

The five of Cups depicts a figure, shrouded in black, standing with his/her head bowed. In font of the figure, lying on the ground are three overturned cups. behind him, nearby, are two more cups, but these are standing upright. In the distance, a river, with a stone bridge going across it. The first impression of the image is one of loss, failure. Perhaps a major setback. The fact that three cups are overturned, while two remain intact indicate that the loss or setback might not be a total one. Perhaps it is significant that three cups are overturned. Compare the three of Cups card. The image may indicate a broken marriage, relationship or friendship. The relationship is in ruins, but something still remains. Perhaps the memories of happy times. Perhaps after a broken marriage the two divorcees remain friends. In a coiney context, the image could indicate a major financial, business, or political setback. A business has lost a major contract and has been seriously damaged by the loss, but enough contracts remain on the order books to keep the business going until better times come. A political party has lost a lot of seats in an election, but still retains enough seats to have at least some influence on policy. An investor has lost over half of his fortune, but still has enough capital to continue operating. The bridge in the background may symbolize moving on after a bad experience. But the figure, at this time, has no interest in the bridge. He/she remains haunted by the past, and is unable to put it behind him/her. But the two upright cups suggest that the querent can, at some point, pick up the pieces as it were, and get on with his or her life.

5 of Cups-Reversed

The reversed card has a sense of recovering from loss. Getting over a major disappointment. Perhaps now the querent is ready to move on, pick up the pieces, put the past behind him and move on into the future. He/she is now ready to get on with life, and to make the best of things.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Loss in Pleasure
Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Decan: Mars in Scorpio; October 23 – November 1
Thumbnail Meaning: Overindulgence, disappointment, disturbance, upset; anticipations thwarted, complacency shaken.

The Five of Cups is a card of loss. The restlessnes of the last card has boiled over and put an end to any lingering complacency. The balance and harmony of earlier cards has been upset.

When this happens, what is lost above all is a sense of perspective. This can come from many things:

A broken engagement
A dream shattered
Money lost
A crush or infatuation gone awry
A business failure

All of these are painful, but none end the world. It is important to get outside such pain and see the bigger picture. The figure at right seems frozen in place––perhaps he is crying over spilled liquid.

Each card in a suit builds upon the previous ones. The Three and Four of Cups are both cards of pleasure. In this card, the pleasure has been thwarted, leading to a period of instability and adjustment.

In one respect, this card is very positive. It can suggest the loss of an illusion, especially a comforting one. While no one enjoys this, recognizing reality is a sign of maturity––and an essential part of growing up.

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