Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

five of pentacles tarot card meaning
5 of Pentacles


Unemployed, Financial loss, can mean Physical Hardship as well, Pay attention to detail to avoid material or spiritual loss, Trying to keep going even if rough times are now, Rejection and the Feeling of being Cast Out, Loneliness, Neglecting your Body and its Needs, Temporary Hardships, Feeling Excluded, Struggling to stay afloat, Feeling Run Down and Tired, Feeling Insecure, Emotional loss, Neglecting your Health, Being Rejected, Physical loss , Lack of acceptance, Anxiety over Money, Material Worries, Lacking what you Need, about to Lose your Job, Underemployed , Represents Loss.


Overcoming Financial Insecurities, Revived Courage, Being able to save money, Health Improving, Better Days ahead, New employment, Security, Confidence in the Future, Getting What You Need, Reversal of a Bad Trend, Finding Shelter, Overcoming Disharmony in Love or Marriage , Hardships lessening up.

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts two forlorn figures trudging through the snow in the dead of night. The figure in the foreground is physically disabled and has to use crutches to walk. His feet appear to be bandaged and bleeding, indicating a long trek. The other figure, trudging at his side is old and frail. She grips her shawl tightly around her, trying to minimize the bitter cold. She is barefoot, and her thin dress offers little protection against the freezing blizzard. In the background, a stained glass window with five gold coins painted on it. The pattern of the coins is a simile of the Kaballah Tree of Life. On the other side of the window it is warm and cozy, but the two figures trudge on, not even bothering to look at the window. The five of Coins is one of the most striking symbols in the entire Tarot Arcana, including the Majors. The image is so striking that it hardly seems to need explanation. The immediate impact of the scene is one of poverty and exclusion. The sense of warmth and comfort coming from the light behind the window is in stark contrast to the bitter cold and grinding poverty outside. The image could be interpreted quite literally. The querent is suffering dire poverty while all around him are prosperous. He is excluded from society. Broke, with no job, perhaps homeless, he is an outcast. It could have the figurative sense of being out in the cold, rejected, shunned by others. The querent has no friends, no one to turn to for help. There may be a sense of a disadvantaged person. Someone with little to offer in terms of skills and knowledge. Again, taking the picture fairly literally, it might be a physically or mentally disabled person who is unable to take their place in society. In a cuppey context, it could represent being dumped by boy/girlfriend. In a sword context, out in the cold academically. In a wand context, deprived of physical comforts. Being forced to live in a slum area in the inner city.

The reversed card suggests coming in from the cold. Managing to find one’s place after a long period of exclusion. In a literal sense, finally emerging from poverty. In a more figurative sense, returning from the wilderness. Being accepted by society.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Material Trouble
Element: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Decan: Mercury in Taurus; April 21 – 30
Thumbnail Meaning: Loss of money, power or position; worry, anxiety, insecurity, alienation.

The Five of Pentacles is a card of rejection and loss. Loss of money is especially indicated by this card, as the suit of Pentacles is associated with money and other material matters. It can also mean “going through a rough time” of some sort.

In the Rider-Waite tarot, we see two beggars walking outside of a well-lit church on a snowy evening. The five pentacles in the stained-glass window shine out over them but offer no warmth.

Like other fives in the tarot, this is not a particularly positive card. Since it indicates some material trouble, nobody wants to see it–especially in this economy! If paired with the Five or Ten of Swords now might be a good time to prepare for the worst. Of course, if these cards show up in a reading for your enemy, you will soon have cause for celebration.

When paired with cards of companionship, family or balance, such as the Ten of Cups and Temperance, this card can indicate a loss or trouble attenuated by social support.

When accompanied by cards such as Strength, Justice and the Seven of Wands, this card suggests that inner strength will help you get through the hard times to come.

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