Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

five of wands tarot card meaning
Five of Wands


Resistance, Courage, Rising to the Challenge, Going against an Opponent, Strife, struggle, Having a rival, Competition, Having Minor Setbacks, Challenges, Success through s hard work, opposition, Being involved in a Game or Sport, At odds with others, Minor Difficulties, tension, Youthful boys at Play, quarreling , Looking for a Fight.


Defeat, Disputes, Harmony, Contradictions, Playing Dirty, The Struggle is over, No Need to Fight, Unnecessary Competitiveness, Peaceful Surrounding, Frustration, Unfair Advantages, Wasted Energy, Problems Solved.

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Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Strife
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Decan: Saturn in Leo; July 22 – August 1
Thumbnail Meaning: Conflict, cruelty, violence, lust; frustration and struggle.

The Five of Wands is a card of conflict in all its forms. Quarrels, dissent, fights, intrigue, rivalry, even irritation are all covered by this card.

Conflict is not necessarily bad. Battle tests one’s character. Competition tests one’s ability. Play-fighting can help you handle the real thing.

This card brings to mind G.K. Chesterton’s quip, “Perhaps the principle objection to a quarrel is that it interrupts an argument.” Too often, people use a disagreement as an excuse to vent hostility or pent-up anger, instead of reaching an understanding.

Here are some of the positive acts that may be indicated by the Five of Wands:

Arguing (in the Chestertonian sense––see above)
Standing up for something or someone, not being cowed by opposition
Energetically entering a field of battle (metaphorical or otherwise)
Coming to a better understanding of one’s opponent
Changing tactics

Here are some of the negative possibilities of this card:


The suit of Wands is a suit of fire, energy and action. Just as fire can be used to warm a house or burn it down, energy can be used to produce or to destroy.

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