Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

four of cups tarot meaning

4 of Cups


meditation, not ready yet, turning inward, Ignoring a gift, losing interest in a love, Being jaded, not fully seeing what is there, quiet contemplation, turning down an offered gift, stagnation, an offering, losing interest in life, Dissatisfaction with life, not sure of what is before you, feeling a little alone, contemplating an offer, needing time to think,


coming out of stagnation, Coming out of a period of contemplation, Renewal or increase psychic sensitivity, Renewal psychic sensitivity, You’re looking into things,, feeling like things are too hectic, A feeling of restlessness, renewing interest in things you previously rejected, New relationships are possible, Accepting a gift,

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Brianna Stoker

The four of Cups depicts a figure sitting under a tree with his/her arms folded and legs crossed. Out of a small cloud, a hand emerges, offering him a Cup, but he/she has no interest in it. Three more cups stand in the foreground. The immediate impact is one of dissatisfaction, boredom, lack of interest and enthusiasm. Probably he/she has already consumed the contents of the three cups in the foreground, didn’t think much of them, and has no desire for a fourth. The image may indicate a person who has had several romances, relationships, marriages in the past which have failed to live up to expectations. The sentiment now is the last three were not up to much, why should this one be any better? It may represent a querent who has lost interest in life’s pleasures. Someone who is perhaps cynical. There is a strong sense of pessimism in the image. Experiences in the past have been bad, and there’s no reason to suppose that new experiences will not be bad as well. The card indicated a querent who has had enough, is fed up, and can’t find pleasure in anything.

4 of Cups-Reversed

The reversed card doesn’t offer an immediate and obvious interpretation. Perhaps a querent who can’t get enough of life’s pleasures. Someone who is dissatisfied, but not because his previous experience has been bad and wants no more. Rather, that he has had but a small taste of pleasure, and wants more of it. The dissatisfaction aspect could in theory be reversed, to indicate a querent who is satisfied because he is satiated, in a pleasurable way. Full after a hearty meal for example.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Blended Pleasure
Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Decan: The Moon in Cancer; July 12 – 21
Thumbnail Meaning: Luxury, overabundance, discontent, ennui.

The Four of Cups contains apparently contradictory meanings. It symbolizes both great comfort and great dissatisfaction. How can this be the case?

The answer lies in this card’s title as the “Lord of Blended Pleasure.” This card signifies “a stationary period in happiness, which may or may not continue…It is too passive a symbol to represent perfectly complete happiness.”

This card refers to “the end of the honeymoon.” Things aren’t bad necessarily, but little annoyances and other trifles spring from some inner discontent.

Each tarot card builds upon the themes of the previous one. In the Three of Cups, we see abundance, celebration, joy. In this card, the joy is stable and not quite so overwhelming, and the old problems are beginning to creep in again.

This isn’t a terrible card. Overabundance beats scarcity––but it is not a problem-free state, as many imagine.

If this card appears in your tarot reading, be warned. Restlessness is bubbling beneath the placid surface. Boredom––often a prelude to stupidity––is creeping into paradise. Take steps to deal with it now, before something boils over.

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