Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

four of pentacles tarot card meaning

4 of Pentacles


Getting your share, Insisting on your own way, resisting change that is truly needed, Gift, Legacy, Inheritance, Wanting to be in Charge, Selfish, Issues of Ownership, Penny-Pinching, Problems with Possessiveness or Jealousy, Business and Monetary issues will be Overcome, Solid Investments, Acquiring Material Goods, Greed, being Obsessed with Money, Wanting everything to stay the same, Obsession with Material Wealth, Don’t be too scared to change, , Refusing to look at New Approaches, Thinking only of Money, Hanging on to Someone, Implies Blocked Change, Tendency to Hoard, Fixed ideas, Setting Limits and Rules, Financial Stability, Financial and Material Security, Jealousy, Keeping what you have, Opposition to Change, Saving, Money Management, A Show of Wealth, Basing your identity on Material Goods, Possessiveness.


Spend thrifty, Setbacks in Material Holdings, Overburden of Responsibility, Delay, A Need to be in Control Breeds Resentment, Opposition, Material and Spiritual Loss, Modest Ambition, Some Earthly Possessions may be Lost, Obstacles to Further Gain, Delays in Business Affairs, losing something Established, Playing it Safe, able to let go of Material Possessions, A Fear of Losing that which is Familiar , Reluctance to take Risk.

Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a figure sitting on a stool holding a large Coin. Two other Coins lie at his feet. The figure’s feet are directly on top of each coin, as if making sure they don’t roll away. A fourth Coin sits on top of the crown on his head. Behind him in the distance, the spires and towers of the city. The immediate impression is one of tight control. There is also a sense of defensiveness, and meanness. Compare the nine of Wands for the defensiveness aspect. The card could represent a person exercising tight control over financial/business interests. Someone who is strict control of finances, or of a business enterprise. Might be someone who has very firm views, and perhaps rigid attitudes and opinions. There is a sense of stinginess, meanness, a miser. Someone who is very careful with money. Someone who is secretive about his plans. A person who plays his cards close to his chest. A clever negotiator. In a cuppish context, perhaps someone who is mean with his/her affection, either to their partner, children, or people in general. A cold apparently heartless, insensitive person. In a swordish context, the image might indicate someone who is unwilling to share ideas or knowledge. In a wandey context, someone who has tight control of his/her passions and impulses. Someone who is sexually repressed. In a general sense, a loner, someone who keeps himself-to-himself, a person who does not like to take part in things, hates to be in a big crowd. Could be a reclusive person.

The reversed card suggests someone who is very frank and open. Someone who is generous with money. Compare 6 of Coins. An easy-going manager. In a cuppish context, someone generous with his affections to partners or children. In a swordey context, someone eager to share ideas, take part in discussions, ready to give others the benefit of his experience. In a wandey context, someone who is enthusiastic, passionate. A good lover, good sexually. Someone who is popular and gregarious. Makes friends easily. Likes to mix with others, enjoys parties, outings, generally doing things with others.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Earthly Power
Element: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Decan: Sun in Capricorn; January 10 – 19
Thumbnail Meaning: Accomplishment, integrity, balance.

The Four of Pentacles signifies power made manifest. The best word to sum it up is “establishment.” The labor of the previous card has paid off, and allowed a new power to establish itself.

Fours are, generally speaking, not entirely “good” cards to draw. They signal some inner problem waiting to arise. This card is no exception.

In the picture at right, a man clings to one pentacle, while stomping on two of them. One balances precariously on his head. His body language calls to mind greed and possessiveness. The city behind him heightens this effect.

In his Pictoral Key to the Tarot, Waite describes this figure as “hold[ing] to that which he has.” This is not necessarily bad. When you care about something, you will hold onto it and fight to preserve it.

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