Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

four of wands tarot card meaning
Four of Wands


Joy, Domestic Home, Celebration after Labor, Getting caught up in the moment, Enjoying some well-deserved Rewards, Party, Prosperity, Peace, Taking part in a Ceremony or Rite, Romance, Happiness, Observing an Anniversary, The fruits of one’s labour, Feeling Thrilled, Bubbling over with Delight, Rewards reaped, Happy Home, Harmony, Wedding, Milestone or Special Time, Celebration, Rejoicing over a Happy Event, Completion, Romance in marriage,


Dissatisfaction, Disharmony, Restriction, Having to learn to appreciate the little things in life, Desires Unfulfilled, Insecurity, Obstacles Blocking your Happiness, Ingratitude, Possible Delays are indicated of the upright meaning, Unfulfilled Hopes causing Regret, Feeling of Pointlessness., Feeling of being Trapped ,

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Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Perfected Work
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Decan: Venus in Aries; April 11 – 19
Thumbnail Meaning: Complete success, good news, reaching a milestone.

Wonderful to relate! The Four of Wands is usually a good omen: it is a card of success, celebration and completeness. Its title as the “Lord of Perfected Work” gives some indication of its value.

I would sum up this card as a card of “joyful ending.” One’s work is done, one succeeds. Now the next phase of life, love or work is waiting, to begin with a celebration of how far one has come.

This card can herald a rebirth. Have you been trapped in a rut, or fighting against the same “mind-forged manacles” for too long? If so, the Four of Wands can signal an end to this torment and the beginning of a new, freer existence.

This card can also be a nudge to “finish the @%#*$ thing already!” If you’ve been putting off a task for too long, this card is an attempt to get you to finish it. Despite this card’s title, “perfected work” can become the enemy––it’s much better to finish something than it is to keep working on it and never finish.

In the tarot, fours are cards of stability. This card is a bit more active than the other fours, with joy and celebration coming with the completed work. Like the Four of Swords, it points to a break from the struggle, especially an enjoyable one.

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