Get to know the Piscean women and maybe make her your queen…

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Get to know the Piscean women and maybe make her your queen…

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac calendar. Born in between the 19 th of
February and the 20th of March. The Piscean woman is a sensitive, sympathetic, romantic
and mysterious mermaid.

Pisceans are often artists, expressing their inner passions through poetry, song, dance or
acting. Women of this sign make for extremely fulfilling emotional relationship. They are not
only in touch with their own inner selves but are also highly sensitive to the emotional needs
and moods of their partners.
Your Pisces lover almost always has large and beautiful eyes which mirror her feelings
openly and she could be prone to cry easily.
She is very soft and ultra feminine. She is often in her own safe dream world and prefers
this world than reality. She is extremely compassionate to the core makes a very supportive
friend or lover.

A Pisces partner will not shy away from being very emotionally connected and involved.
Therefore should you choose to commit to her you would need to be equally supportive of
her feelings, especially when she confides her inner most thoughts and dreams with you.

The only unpleasant thing about an extremely emotional Pisceans is that they tend to get
extremely upset when things are not going their way.
They cannot withstand criticism or negativism from others and when they are too upset,
they escape and hideaway in their own world of imagination.
These types of souls are prone to periods of depression and may need to withdraw and take
time to push away these negative feelings.

Like many other signs in the zodiac this sign does not wish for lavish dinners or expensive
gifts. She likes the simple things in life like walking on the beach or having a picnic.
It is important for her to feel your emotion and does expect you to express your love for her
She craves loves and once she is able to see you are committed she will give you every
ounce of her heart. In the beginning she may test you as she knows she has a sensitive heart
and may have been hurt in the past.

The Pisces women is very romantic, she does expect and needs the poetry, tenderness and
compassion that any fairy-tale princess deserves.
If you do not provide these things you will push her into someone else’s arms or very deep
into a dark place where she may become a martyr.
If you grant her with the love, understanding, and tenderness she will transform from your
princess and become your queen.

Simple, yet this is astonishingly difficult for many people, since the Pisces appears to attract
those who believe they can impress her with their sparkling intellect or their superior
strength and courage.
She isn’t fooled by any of that. She is looking for a vulnerable, real, courageous man that will
stand by her and lead the way.

Should she be disappointed or hurt by you, she will not hesitate to deceive you on a very
high level.
Being “good” to her in conventional ways just isn’t enough. You will need to enter her
dreams and live them with her. If you choose to go against them, this is at your own risk.
She is a theatrical character and is therefore capable of creating terrible dilemmas and then
asking for your advice, which she will not take. She has a need to suffer and sacrifice, this is
as important to her as the need to love and be loved.

The Pisces woman is a strong character with a very sensitive and vulnerable side. She is
a woman of her word and should you become her prince she will love you forever. She
requires a lot of patience and understanding and most importantly love. If you look to make
someone your princess and make a real connection, then embrace the beauty of a Piscean

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