Hardest Tarot Cards To Read

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We wanted to add this video to the site due to its interesting nature. A lot of people have stated that the tarot is hard to understand when you first start to learn it. Depending on which tarot deck you have it can be even more of a learning challenge. For instance as mentioned on another page the thoth tarot incorporates astrology into its cards.

Some of the cards are really easy to get a feeling for. For instance the lovers card is exactly that. It could be a card to show that there is a unification between two people, or that the relationship is going in a positive way. Even though there are cards that are easier to understand there are ones that are complex in nature. In some cases you might find one card that is hard to read, but it becomes even more complex depending on the card that is dealt next.

This video will go into detail what some of those cards are that are the hardest to read.

What about you? What do you find is the hardest tarot cards understand or to read? Let us know

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