Health Tarot Readings – Should they be done or not?

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There currently is a great debate on whether or not health-related issue should be asked about in readings with the tarot. There are a lot of people that believe that asking the tarot questions that are health related is unethical to every degree. There are other people that believe that asking is within their right to do so.

When I was running my own network of readers online as a collective we all decided that we would choose not to do readings of the health nature. The reason why we chose to do the things this way is that we believed that you should go to the doctor himself or herself and get checked out. Even though the tarot can be accurate asking questions of this nature wouldn’t be prudent. For instance let’s just say that you were concerned that you had cancer. The tarot at that point in time could state that cancer it is currently not a concern that you should be worried about, whereas your health could prove that you are in the starting stages of the disease.

Another example that we saw a lot of previously was that people were asking questions due to their pregnancy. Now asking the tarot for the sex of the baby is okay, even though that is an important issue is not considered life-threatening. When woman would ask us if there was any complications right now or in the future regarding their pregnancy we just felt that it was not our place to go ahead and do those type of readings.

What are your feelings on health tarot readings?

Here is an example of a health reading done online ( Give the video creator credit he mentions to go see a dr)

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Marie Moore

Personally, I consider health readings unethical. What if you were to diagnose something incorrectly? It could lead to unnecessary stress and worry. I think it is best to leave it up to the health professionals to diagnose a person’s health, rather than a Tarot reader. However, if you are still keen, you could always read for entertainment purposes, but implore that your client visit a doctor for clarification

Anne Crazred

but what about future health problems, maybe simply caused by bad habits which can be prevented?

what I recently read about was not about diagnosing physical sicknesses, but more on the “spiritual origin of sickness” or problems. This is not contradictory with medical diagnosis and treatment, but I think it can help people to understand what’s the lesson they can learn from their current situation, it can show them that something positive can come out of it.

If anyone knows any book, or something like that, on this subject, I would appreciate it.


    I think personally regardless of the question all health questions should be asked to the doctors themselves.

    it’s all fine and good to find out with the spiritual origin of the sickness is with the use of tarot. But the underlying reason as to why you’re asking that question to the tarot should be explored with a doctor first and foremost.


I knew a card reader who could read palms, also she could tell you exactly what was going on well before the symptoms started.I am very happy she mentioned potential health problems before they happened,she probably saved my life.I don’t think any current medical diagnosis would help.However, past medical history eventualy helped resolve the problem.

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