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Wonderful deck!!! The Godfrey Dowson-Golden Dawn deck. The lack of color can be hard to initially accept, but persevere. Symbology galore! I especially love the names of the cards – very descriptive, & hermetic knowledge by the truckload. I find they work best, in a reading, when used for no-personal or non-emotive questions. Questions having to do with the mechanics of the Universe, not will you find a boyfriend tomorrow. Good dreams, good draws! May a full deck of possibilities be yours!

If anyone is looking for an interesting tarot deck that is different from most, check out The Hermetic Tarot. It offers a set of challenges. For those that don’t know, the deck is done in black and white. That might seem a bit stark but the cards are so loaded with symbolism that color would get in the way in my opinion. If you are interested in the deck it is currently in print but goes out of print occasionally.

 I’ve seen this deck a lot lately and as a follower of Hermes I am very interested in getting a deck but I’m a very emotional reader and usually read for people in a “what so I need to work through to better my life” kind of way. Though I’m not sure how these would work with me I am totally gonna get this deck!

wow! this deck is incredible. much easier for me to make the connections between majors and minors and their corresponding planetary/zodiacal ruling. Also the “titles” at the bottom of the cards are very helpful and tie in to my associations with the rider-waite deck quite nicely, especially the minors.


Questions and Answers:

Q: Can anyone tell me about their experiences with this deck? Any tips to get the hang of it faster?

A:  Each of the tarot cards are attributed to a zodiac/planet. Each of those corrrespond to modal or elementary dignities. It would be worth your while to learn these symbols so that you can further enhance your readings when using esoteric tarot cards such as these

A: It reads very much like the Thoth deck. The main difference that I see is that the symbols are a little more apparent in the Hermetic vice the Thoth. Both decks are based upon the Golden Dawn system of magick. Do not try to read the deck like you would a RW deck; they are 2 entirely different systems.


Q: Is it completely different from the Rider Waite đeck or does it just have more details?

A: Different system entirely. The symbolism and meanings are from the teachings of the Golden Dawn via the Thoth deck.



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Sarah Rowe

The Hermetic tarot is great but not really a beginners deck. Still you never know what will resonate with you until you try


I have begun working with tarot cards quite recently. For my birthday in November, a friend gave me the Hermetic Tarot deck. I find it depressing. The readings I get have been vague. Could it be that anyone else has worked with this deck and has any insights into its working?
If not, how do you “bond” with your deck? I’ve slept with it under my pillow, and I keep it in my yarn bag (which I take with me to quite a few places), but so far, no soap on the bonding frontier. <:)


    As for having a deck and not bonding with it: it happens. I have a couple of decks that I absolutely love, but that do not love me. One takes delight in giving me the most negative, nasty, worst-case-possibility readings it can devise. I’ve cleansed it a couple of times (smudging with incense, leaving under the sun, AND the moon) but it just doesn’t like me. So I keep that one in the collection and don’t work with it. Usually sleeping with the deck under my pillow for a few nights is enough to align our energy and intention.

    Try cleansing the deck again, then carrying it with you. Pull one card every morning, not necessarily as a reading, but as a study guide or meditation. See if that helps. Good luck!

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