How and why do crystals work?

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How and why do crystals work? Also Someone once told me crystals are harvested by blasting with dynamite and so are extremely unfreindly to the environment/plane, is this true?

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One theory says that since crystals are living rock (they carry on growing after they are taken from the ground so long as they are cut and polished)they contain similar (though highly differentiated) vibrations within them….like every living thing does.

The actual nature of crystalline rock allows it to be programmed…that is, the vibrations can be altered to fit a given pattern by charging. This means that they can be used like batteries (note quartz batteries for watches)

Crystals such as rose quartz which appear to have a given use (calming emotional distress and bringing peace of mind) are less flexible that clear quartz, because their vibrations are already attuned to a given function.

And Stone, you’re right about the blasting. This is why commercially harvested crystal always needs cleansing when you get them cos the vibrations inside them have been disarranged.


Clear quartz crystals is in fact a powerhouse capable of absorbing, transforming, transmitting, amplifying, and focusing energy. This capacity is not the result of any magikal power the crystal may or maynot have. The laws of energy and nature determine this function, which becomes especially powerful when combined with the magik of our mental energy. Perfect in its molecular structure, clear quartz crystal aligns with the magnetic fields in the earths core. When squeezed and released, even in the palm of your hand, it produces small amounts of electricity that vibrate with a positive and a negative energy field. A crystal in its natural state can enhance your aesthetic and physical environment. As each crystal will naturally vibrates its own energy, it energizes its environment and anyone in close proximity. “As a personal tool for transformation, crystals can be used to amplify, store, transmit and focus your thoughts, emotions, and desires, ultimately manifesting them into reality”.


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