How are the horoscopes for the newspapers done?

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How are the horoscopes for the newspapers done?

Having had a friend with a  great deal of experience doing these things at certain periods of  her life, I can tell you exactly how they are done. Let us say it’s a monthly forecast. You set up a chart for the sign with the same sign rising. (It’s all based on rising signs rather than Sun Signs—that’s why you will often find “For those with the Sun in Aries or Aries rising.”) You then put in all the planets and see what houses they fall in and what aspects they make to each other. In other words, it’s all based on hypothetical charts and transits to the hypothetical houses. Then you add in some creativity and wallah!

The thing that you must take note about when it comes to reading your scope online is that an astrologer needs your date of birth, the place you are born, and a time of birth to give you an accurate one. That is why most people go to an astrologist to get a personalized daily, monthly or yearly horoscope done in advance. The ones that are in the newspapers are done for the masses and are directed to everyone in the world that has that sign as theirs. That’s not to say that if what is said does come true that it’s bogus, it’s just that it would be purely coincidental. That’s why they’re printed with the just for entertainment label, but I’ll be honest with you there have been a few horoscopes that were very accurate on those days I read them.

The best advice I can give you personally is to get one done by an astrologer that knows all of your crucial information like birthdate etc. what they usually do is they will consult the stars and give you a 12 month overview of what is up and coming in your life. this will give you a more in-depth and detailed horoscope then you’d be able to get from the daily newspaper.

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astro fizz

Unfortunately, the average person ends up thinking, as a result of those Sun sign ‘scopes in the papers, that astrology is a lot of bunk that’s a hit-or-miss proposition with no real substance at all. Those who think there’s something to those columns will say, “Yes, but did you see? I *did* get a letter the other day!” Hello! lol And those who didn’t get a letter will make a “pshaw” sound and call it a bunch of nothing. There’s a third group who will say, “It’s all general,” again placing astrology in that nebulous stage. Yet most will read the Sun signs because it’s fascinating…because if there’s something bad, we hope to see it before it hits (whatever “it” is)…and if there’s something good, to dream for a moment before passing it off to…nothingness and having a good laugh at how wrong the “stars” were, not the astrologer, mind you! lol And even there, it’s not the astrologer’s fault. I do blame the media for the promulgation of this “fluff.”

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