How can I learn to see an Aura?

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How can I learn to see an Aura? and will I be able to see one?

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In many places you can find workshops that will teach different ways of seeing auras. The quality of this training all depends on the skills of who is teaching. It is my experience that simply being in the same room with other accomplished energy workers while learning can act as a multiplier in helping open up your own abilities. And remember that a technique that works for one person may not work for you. Find out what works for you.

Part of Reiki training is learning to feel the energy field of a client and noticing the changes in that field where an illness or injury is. People that regularly meditate will sometimes find it easier to see and feel energy. As in all things, while we can all do many things, we all have different degrees of natural talent. Don’t be discouraged if all you can see of an aura is just a faint haze while someone else can see the colors of the expanded aura. To see any sort of aura means that you have overcome a lifetime of discouragement by ‘normal’ societal conditioning. Your ability can be developed with proper practice.

All living objects have an aura, obviously, but I sometimes ‘see’ energy surrounding things like rocks and other objects. Not an aura, perhaps, but all things seem to have some form of energy signature.

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