How do you deal with psychic blockages?

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I’ve been in classes on other sites, read books, I’ve tried different things but I honestly cannot figure out what I need to do to develop my abilities further. I used to be afraid of things but I am not at all anymore, I’m anxious to learn & I feel that I want to develop these skills for all the right reasons. The problem is I cannot seem to get a grip on my abilities so that I can use them when I want or need to. I’ve heard of “psychic blockages,” & I’m wondering if there are any known ways of figuring out what mine could be & getting through them?

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I’m not as regular as I want to be at it, but I’ve found that daily meditation, the kind where you find a quiet place to sit, is highly beneficial. It’s as if the psychic ability is the motor, and the meditation is the gasoline to make it get you places. Stop filling the tank and things kind of roll to a stop. Grin

Another exercise is to journal every day. Get a plain notebook and pen and write stream of consciousness/goals/frustrations/what you want/talking to your angles & guides/whatever. If you are flat out of ideas, write about that. This is kind of powerful, actually. I bet you a gluten-free doughnut you’ll start hearing an internal voice, your angels and guides, start to come through.

Is it a pain? Yes. Is it worth it? Definitely. Do I feel like everybody else ‘just does it’ and doesn’t have to sit and do the exercises? Yep. But every time I put the effort into regular practice, I’m glad I did. (ok, there was that one time the meditation was a total drag, but the next day made up for it x10) Good luck and let us know how you’re getting on.

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