How do you find your clarifying tarot cards

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I have a question, say you are doing a 3 or 5 card reading and you need more information so you want to draw another card, do you need to put back all the cards from the reading and shuffle the cards or do you just pick another card from the top of the deck to help you get more information?

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Alot of different things you can do for clarifying cards. Eilleen Conolly even has a chapter in her 2nd book Tarot for journey man where you use outcome cards as the first two in the Celtic cross and do a whole new Celtic cross with those cards as cards 1 and 2 also she has what they call a block Celtic cross which is a little more elaborate.  One of these days I try and get it here in the group.

Easy cool way in finding a clarifying card ( read it somewhere can’t remember exactly) just look at the card at the bottom of the deck.

Another well known option is:

1. is to just keep drawing cards
2. is to us the card that confuses you or you want clarified as the significator and do a new reading that way.

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