How do you set up a 3 card reading?

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You know what I’d really like….it’s for someone that is experienced in readings to tell us step by step how a 3 card spread is done thir positions and their meaning, with say a sample question and sample cards just to get a feel for how it’s done. Anyone care to do this?

I have another question do you have to give the cards in their position a meaning or can you just say take 3 cards and just interpret those cards with the question that was asked?


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No, you don’t have to give each position a label. You can just pull three cards. You don’t need instructions you did quite well.
 When I do readings for questions or situations or just laying out cards, a lot of the times I do story lines, just one line of cards straight across.  Often times I do the celtic cross spread for drama, this crosses him, this is behind him, this is before him, its what they kind of expect. But story lines are sufficient, unless the readings call for what happened in the past to lead up to that point.

There are alot of ways to do three card spreads here are some:

1 past, present, future
2 issue, present circumstances, outcome
3 fast solution spread- nature of problem,cause of problem,solution to problem
4 what you get spread- what you have, what’s to know,what you get
5 body, mind, spirit
6 daily spread (several ways on doing this. here’s one)
       dominant energy for the day, how you feel about if, how it will affect, you
7 using 3 of the 7 disarrays of discernment-
        who, what when

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