How Do You Set Up A Tarot Journal?

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I have always had a hard time setting up a tarot journal. How would be the best way to go about doing this?

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It can be as simple or as complex as you wish. A tarot Journal is a teaching aid. You can do it by day, week or even month if you wish. I prefer daily.

On a blank piece of paper or in a word processor, write down the day, date, weather, astrological transits, <optional> time, attitude in one word, ie angry, happy, sad etc. Question/situation. If you draw a blank and there is no question or situation, you can always ask what is in store for you that day, or what you will be facing. Then take your deck, shuffle <either the three method ie shuffle the cards three times then cut the deck three times with your left hand> or you can shuffle the deck til you feel comfortable and then cut the deck. Draw one to three cards.

 Look the card or cards over and jot down the feelings and emotions they invoke if any. And interpret them. Sometimes its fun to do it both at the beginning and end of the day, for instance at the end of the day, why did so and so betray me, or why did my boss look at me funny, why did I get a ticket, why did I suddenly become upset. etc.
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