How should you properly store tarot cards?

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How should you properly store tarot cards?

So you just purchased a brand-new tarot deck, and you haven’t quite decided how you store them. The belief system is that you should look at your cards as being something special. Others believe that you should put them underneath your pillow for two or three days to help you connect with your new deck. Below we will go over a few of the options you have to store your cards. The idea is to convince the mind that the cards are special.


Using silk to wrap your cards and a wooden box to store the cards is a time honored tradition. But IMO it is not necessary to store your cards this way. Any method to store your cards that will protect them while not in use is fine.

Orginal Boxes

My tarot deck collection is stored in their original boxes (if they came in a box) . I have a few decks that are in drawstring bags that were given to me as presents that are not made of silk.

Something Special

Getting something that is out of the ordinary to store them in can be one way of doing that. Going out and buying a silk scarf to wrap them in or a special wooden box to store them is one way of accomplishing this. As long as you purchase something that will only store or wrap the cards, you are doing much the same thing. For me, it is very special to store some decks in the drawstring bags that were made for me for this purpose.

Something Old, Something new!

I once found an interesting wooden box that was just big enough to store a deck of cards at a flea market. After that I went to a furniture store that had a Japanese design on it and stored them in there since I thought it was amazing to look at.  You can also find scarves to use as wraps or for a reading cloth at flea markets or thrift shops.

How you store your cards is a personal decision. As with most things in relating to the tarot, if it feel right, then it is right for you. And if it is right for you, then it can only help your tarot experience.

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