How To Find Out About Your Spirit Animal

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Throughout history animals have played important roles both physically and psychically, providing material support and spiritual insight for human life.

Animals live naturally and spontaneously, doing what they are created to do without the self doubt, uncertainty, and guilt that characterize human activity.

Animals never lose their sense of themselves as spirit, responding with a fullness of spirit to whatever life presents to them, be it food, playful fun, sex, or death.

Animals collectively possess greater strengths and powers. Ancient people saw animals as deities, of forms of deity, possessing wisdom, knowledge and an intuitive relationship with other life that humans have to struggle hard to acquire, if they can acquire it at all. The ancestors looked to animal spirits as teachers, companions, and guides through the mysteries of life.

The word “Power” in Power Animals or Spirit animal stated above refers to spiritual power that comes from inherent knowledge, information, or wisdom that the power animal willingly shares with its human companion.

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