I cant handle my mediumship ability what can i do to stop it?

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Not sure exactly what the wording is but I have the ability to talk to and communicate with people that are passed on. I find that it is too much for me to handle. I don’t want to know that they are there, and I just want to be normal like everyone else out there. Is there anything that I can do to kill my abilities?

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What you are in every sense the word is that of a medium. If you want more information on the ability that you are talking about then check out other articles on the site dealing with mediumship.

The words you use was that you wanted to be like everyone else in the world that didn’t have this special ability that you have. What happens is that the ability when you shut it down may not truly come back in the future. The way to start looking at this is that you have a gift and not a curse as you referred to it to be.

What you should do instead of working hard to get rid of these gifts is to embrace them and to work with them. What you can do is block yourself from them so that you can feel safe and secure within your own life. That’s what happened to me personally when I was doing a reading one time for somebody and they asked about a loved one that had passed on in their life. I commented on the fact that I saw this person come to me that was in a ditch, and the person i was reading for confirmed that their friend had passed away in a car accident in a ditch. This completely freaked me out and I had to pull myself back from my medium capabilities and take a breather. To be able to do this I read up on what is called grounding. What you can do is visualized a ball of white light around you and think of that as being your protection sphere, ask for the white light to protect you. There are other methods of grounding available out there that can be found on this site and if you do a search on Google.

As for the spirits that are around you that are causing you grief, get in touch with your spirit guides and asked them if they can help push back the spirits. Also if you tell them out loud yourself that you would like them to move back away from you this can help as well. The most important thing to remember that when you’re talking to spirits is that you always remain polite because they were once human beings as well.

Hopefully this helps. Remember that in the other realm spirits themselves don’t have very many people that they can communicate with. They will come across other human beings who do not have the same gift as you that they cannot communicate with. So when they find somebody that they can talk to that has the ability, they will talk for hours to them since they know somebody’s listening.

If you really don’t want to continue with this ability, you can just block out the visions and thoughts and over time it will slowly dissipate.

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