I’m seeing all auras as white ? Is this natural?

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I have been able to see spirits for a while, but have never really seen auras. Lately, I noticed I am seeing auras of those who are speaking (or giving out energy in a sense). However, I’m seeing all auras as white — not even grayscale — just white. Is that because I’m only seeing a certain frequency range of the aura? What are your thoughts? Has anyone else had the same thing happen?

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The aura energy layer closest to the body is usually seen as a shimmering clear or slightly white layer that projects only a few inches from the physical body. That’s how I see it, anyway. To me it looks almost like a heat haze. I have been told that this is the easiest part of the aura to see without practice.

The outer layers are the higher energy, and they are the ones that are usually seen as colors. I have occasionally been able to see these higher aura colors, and they are amazing. But seeing the colored auras with any consistency takes a lot of practice.

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