Is Everyone psychic? or is this dependent on having a spirit guide?

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Is everyone psychic? or id it that some use their spirit guides more then others to communicate and get answers or spiritual help?

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To start it should be noted that everyone has the capability of being a psychic, but a lot of people are not open to the idea of it, or others their psychic abilities aren’t completely attuned. It does take work to take your abilities to the next level. The visual that I want you have is like an unpolished diamond. As you polish the diamond up it starts to glow like a diamond should. This is just the same as your psychic abilities as you work on them.

Many people have what are deemed psychic episodes throughout their lives. It is up to their belief system as to if they want to develop their abilities and keep them strong as they live on earth. For those that have already developed and worked with their abilities have them available to used on the spur of the moment. Some people don’t have their ability under control but it just shines on when they dont expect it too. Like when you hear someone say I completely predicted what had happen in my mind, but I know I’m not psychic. The fact is they did have a psychic episode and whether they want to believe that they are that or not is up to them.

I would not say the ability or use of psychic abilities lies with the spirit guide. They are a helper and I guess ‘amplify’ the ‘signal’ so you can hear, understand, feel it better. And they can help remove the ‘noise’ around you so you can focus better. Amongst a lot of others thing. They might not even do that. Its all different for everyone.

Would a person’s abilities be better if they had help from their spirit guide? Yes. But we have to remember that, in the end, our spirit guide can only help us so far. We need to be able to do it on our own. And the gifts come from within not without.

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