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I watched him on Sci-Fi sometimes. But I always thought there was something suspicious about him or he scared me as our lives are pretty similar. I’ve always been “psychic” and have been able to talk to dead people but I don’t really practice it. I got scared that I was schitzoid so I just do tarot, astrology, runes and study spiritual subjects.


I have a problem with John Edwards because what he does is to much like cold readings. On the other hand, I don’t doubt his ability simply his way of going about it. I think he would be much better off just doing private consultations so that he didn’t have to start out with cold readings. But, he uses the cold reading method to find the person he needs to talk to then uses his real talent from there. But, he opens himself up so much for so many people in that size a crowd. Instead of looking for someone whos name starts with a J or whatever he should be asking questions like who in this section had a son who died in a car accident at the age of 26. You have the specific information of sex, age and event if he then added to it and his name starts with a J then well you no longer have a cold reading. Of course doing it that way could be dangerous because hes risking being wrong in front of a large audience. Unfortunately its really the only way to go doing it the way he is doing it without doing cold readings.

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