Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

judgement tarot card meaning

20 – Judgment:

Keywords: Rebirth, karma, spiritual enlightenment, destiny, awakening, redemption

Often, we grow up with a very stern image of a vengeful god who delights in condemning us. When I first saw this card, it scared me for this reason. One area I believe this card is meant to help us master is to confront this image and let it go. We can struggle our whole life attempting to be perfect and we will fail. Perfectionism hurts us and it isn’t healthy. The Judgment card depicts people rising from their graves and being reborn, the Angel Gabriel sounds his horn to spur their awakening to new life. Something has happened that allows us to be more aware, more in tune with universal truths. We let go of things that are less important. We trust that all will be as it should be in the end, and it’s not always ours to control. We may find a sense of renewed purpose and destiny… We feel more awake, less worried. We understand that our lessons come in the order that they were meant to, and that not everything that happens in life is to teach us a lesson.

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Brianna Stoker

Element: Air Suit: Swords

Judgment has a number of layers of meaning. It can mean rejuvenation, rebirth, redevelopment.. It may mean a judgment, a decision, decisiveness. It may mean retribution, punishment. It could mean atonement, contrition, forgiveness. In the rebirth sense, it may mean figuratively coming back from the dead. A phoenix rising from the ashes. Compare Death-reversed. Rejuvenation could mean a second chance. An additional bite of the cherry. There is also a sense of redevelopment, improvement. If the card turns up in a reading you may conclude from Judgement that the querent’s overall situation is set get better, to progress on to better things. In the decision sense, it could indicate that the querent has to be decisive, like a fork in the road or a turning point may be imminent. Alternatively, it may suggest that their is a decision hanging over the querent. Perhaps he is awaiting sentence in a court case. Or, more innocuously, he may be waiting for a decision as to whether he has been accepted as a member of a club or society. He may be waiting for a lover to accept or reject his proposal of marriage. In the atonement and retribution sense, it has a sense of things from the past starting to catch up with you. Facing the consequences, and paying the price for past actions. There may be a need for forgiveness. It may be a time for confession and contrition. Perhaps the querent needs to consider forgiving someone else, or it may be the case that the querent should be asking for forgiveness. Judgment may represent a committee, a panel, an executive board, any group which has the job of making decisions, judgments. It may indicate an award ceremony – the Oscars, the Booker Prize. Judgement-

reversed can indicate indecisiveness. It may indicate that the querent is naturally vacillating and indecisive, or it could be that the querent’s indecision is to do with a difficult situation. The rejuvenation, rising from the dead aspect is, unfortunately, damnation. It might indicate a judgment against you. A jail sentence, literally, or figuratively. The atonement and retribution aspect could, in the reverse card, might mean refusing to face up to your responsibilities. Defiance, showing no remorse. It may indicate revenge, taking vengeance. Someone taking the law into their own hands. The reversed card may indicate prejudice, racial hatred. Compare Temperance-reversed. It may indicate jumping to conclusions, making judgments on no basis of evidence. It could mean unable to forgive. Having no pity, no mercy.

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